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Soft Landscaping Services in Essex

After rotavating the area to be turfed, a quality topsoil/compost mix is used to provide a decent base for the turf to be laid on. This is then levelled and compacted, by foot, to prevent any dips or hollows to appear. A fertiliser is then incorporated into the soil, to give the turf a good start in its new environment. A reputable, local supplier of good quality turf is used, and once laid, the turf is well watered to aid establishment. The client is advised to water the new lawn daily for at least 3 weeks (depending on weather conditions) and avoid walking on it during this time.

Most types of plants and trees can be sourced from reliable nurseries, but importance is always placed on the suitability of the plant in relation to the aspect, soil, and eventual plant or tree size for the garden or border that it is to be planted in. Plants can be chosen to attract wildlife, and planting schemes can be arranged to provide interest, taking into account the form and structure of the plant, using a variety of different types of foliage, and provide all year interest.

It is advised that the soil is improved before planting, if needed, and the topsoil/compost mix is an excellent growing medium to give the plants the chance to reach their full potential.

Advice is given, and if there is something we do not know, we will endeavour to find the solution.

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Carringtons are available for emergency call outs such as making safe of a tree, possibly caused by storm damage, and removing any limbs etc. that may harm property or be a danger to the public.

At the earliest suitable time, we will return to complete the necessary work.

Whether it’s to totally remove the tree from site, or maybe to reshape the crown, depending on the extent of the damage, we will do what is best for the tree and the client, as always.


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The price of the initial and subsequent services will be proposed following your initial consultation.
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Free Consultations

To arrange for a free consultation, please either;

  • Call 01268 565 030 or 07866 872 992 or
  • Click Here to Email us direct or
  • Click Here to submit your enquiry online

Whether it’s advice on a plant or tree problem, or your garden needs a complete transformation, we can arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements.

The initial visit will be followed by a written specification and costing for the work to be carried out. Upon acceptance of this quotation, the works will be arranged to be carried out on a suitable date for you.


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