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Seasonal Tips & Advice
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Seasonal tips and advice will follow;

May 2017

Seasonal tips and advice here ………….

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Our Services

Carrington’s offer a range of professional tree surgery services.  Should you require any of these professional works to be undertaken, contact Carrington’s Tree Surgery. After this initial contact, every enquiry will result in a face to face meeting at the clients convenience.  If possible, a verbal quotation will be provided at this initial meeting. If further primarily investigations are needed to be completed by Carrington’s prior to a verbal quote being offered to the customer, Carrington’s will contact the customer as soon as these primarily investigations have been completed.  This verbal quote will be backed up with a written quote.

Free Consultations

Prior to any work being carried out, the relevant risk assessments and method statements will be prepared (available on request). Upon arrival to carry out the required work, Nigel or one of his qualified team will prepare a site specific risk assessment in order to identify any hazards which may have occurred in the interim period from the initial visit. All personnel and the client will be informed of the work processes.

All relevant health and safety documentation will be completed, in order to protect the working personnel but also for the general public and to reduce the possibility of damage to property.

Carrington’s are a registered Waste Carrier for virgin wood as well as for garden clearance materials. The company is committed to working in harmony with the environment whether recycling green waste or avoiding disruption to birds and wildlife in their nesting seasons.



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Free Consultations
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To arrange for a free consultation, please either;

  • Call 01268 565 030 or 07866 872 992 or
  • Click Here to Email us direct or
  • Click Here to submit your enquiry online

Whether it’s advice on a plant or tree problem, or your garden needs a complete transformation, we can arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements.

The initial visit will be followed by a written specification and costing for the work to be carried out. Upon acceptance of this quotation, the works will be arranged to be carried out on a suitable date for you.

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